Metric Capital provides private capital solutions to European Small-to-Medium Sized (SME) companies. We seek to support companies’ ambitions to execute strategic transactions. In addition to providing capital solutions, we aim to be value-add partners to our portfolio companies.

We have the flexibility to provide capital solutions across our corporates’ balance sheets, including senior secured debt, subordinated debt, preferred and/or common equity.

Typical Metric Capital transactions will include:


Financing of buy-outs and acquisitions


Liquidity/rescue financing


Minority buy-out financing


Liquidity facilities


Growth capital

The professionals of Metric Capital have developed deep corporate networks throughout various sectors and European geographies and have collectively committed over €100 billion of capital to corporate clients throughout their careers. The members of our management team have run multi-billion euro businesses and corporate divisions across a variety of financial services firms.


We are not a highly leveraged structured credit vehicle. Instead, we aim to achieve our target returns through fundamental credit analysis prior to committing capital rather than by leveraging our positions

We have a thorough decision-making and governance process, yet we are capable of fast decisions and clear communication to our clients as to our ability to provide capital to support their needs

We work closely with our clients after the provision of the loans. We work in partnership with management on strategic decisions to ensure that our borrowers have the optimal capital structure in order to execute their strategic plans



Metric Capital works in partnership with corporates to support them by executing strategic transactions through the provision of fresh capital (e.g. buy-out, acquisitions).

Equally, we are willing to refinance existing debt, where the debt has matured and existing lenders are not in a position to provide refinancing, as well as providing new capital to companies facing temporary liquidity challenges.


Through our secondary investment activities we seek to replace incumbent lenders in existing loans, working with both existing lenders (banks or specialty lenders) as well as corporate borrowers to determine the appropriateness of Metric Capital stepping into existing positions.

Our team benefits from a deep and extensive network with a large number of banks, structured credit vehicles, hedge funds and other lenders to corporate clients.