Investment Date: March, 2014
Sector: Industrials

HTI Group, listed on the mid market segment of the Vienna Stock Exchange and headquartered in St. Marien (Upper Austria),is an high-tech lightweight components specialist with a focus on the automotive & aerospace industry. Its major business segments are:

– Aluminium die casting (automotive): products range from seal flanges, ladder frames to carrier plates and rear-axle transmission covers for passenger cars mainly in the premium segment

– Plastic moulding (automotive/aerospace/diverse): products include complex interior parts (often in combination with aluminium parts and high value add surface treated parts (e.g. ventilation grill elements and exterior parts such as frames for light devices, rear reflection elements and other functional lightweight components)

– Electronics: High precision plastic components used in applications from telecommunication to household goods

HTI Group is active at 4 locations in Austria and Slovakia employing approximately 800 FTEs. The Company has close project partnerships and established business relations with customers across Europe.