Investment Date: November, 2012
Sector: Healthcare


Áras Sláinte (Centric Health) is a leading provider of primary care in Ireland, offering a range of services to the Irish market, through its GP practices, urgent care clinics and occupational health clinics. The Company’s facilities and practices are a key contributor to the increasing role the primary care sector plays in the overall Irish healthcare market. In addition, Locumotion, a subsidiary of AS, meets the increasing demand for medical manpower by placing doctors from around the world into GP and hospital positions across Ireland, Australia and the UK. In addition to benefiting from the overall trend in Ireland towards community-based healthcare, the Company has a leading track-record of consolidating the highly fragmented primary care market in Ireland.

In June 2014, Metric’s investment in Centric Health was partially realised through a refinancing of the business, after which Metric continued to be an active shareholder in the business. A full exit was realised in November 2015 when Management acquired  Metric’s shareholding to become 100% owners in Centric Health.